CoNNekT Lab
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Abdullah Bin Masood


Saad Qaisar

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical EngineeringNUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.


  • I work in a number of areas in communication and networks. My current research interest spans progammable networks,oftware defined networking,applications of wireless sensor networks,etwork protocol design,tacenter networking,etwork as a service,cyber physical systems,electromedical device design for low-income communities, data analytics,mbile money and ground & underwater wireless communication. I lead  Research Laboratory of Communications, Networks and Multimedia (CoNNekT) here at NUST-SEECS.  
  • My academic advisor during Ph.D. studies was Dr. Hayder Radha (Fellow, IEEE), Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Michigan State University, USA.
  • I also coordinated Graduate Program (M.S/Ph.D.) for Electrical Engineering department through its first offering from Fall 2009-10. For any queries on the program, you may like to go through the corresponding pages on SEECS website or contact NUST postgraduate admissions office.



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