CoNNekT Lab
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Aliya Mazhar


MS Electrical (T & CN) Engg

CGPA: 3.50/4.0 (In Progress)

National Univeristy of Sciences & Technology

BSc Electronics Engg

Percentage: 80.62%

University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila

Professional Services

  • Served on the review panel of ICC AHSM 2011


  • UET Taxila Alumni
  • Graduate Student Government NUST(SEECS) Network Research Group (NNRG)

Honors / Awards

  • Scholarships up till college level
  • Recipient of F.B.I.S.E Scholarships at F.Sc level
  • Medals and certificates in sports

Projects (Graduate)

  • "Comparison among classes of WiMAX",Wireless networks(EE-872), Spring 2010
  • "Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks",Advance computer networks(EE-832), Fall 2009

Projects (Undergraduate)

  • "Performance Analysis of Different Parameters of FRExt (A Video Compression technique)",Final Year Project(B.E),September 2009
  • "Remote Data Acquisition using LabVIEW & NI-USB 6009",Internship (research) Project at NDC, NESCOM.
  • "Speed Camera Using MICROCONTROLLER"
  • "Designing of Single Phase Transformer"