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Reliable Monitoring of Oil and Gas Pipelines using Sensor Networks


Wireless Communications and Wireless Sensor Networks

Funding Agency:

King Abdul Aziz City of Science & Technology (KACST)


Umm-ul-Qura University, Saudi Arabia


1.99 million Saudi Riyals (USD 535,000)


Studies show that although WSN have been a hot research area in the last couple of years, research concerning reliability in WSN constitutes not more than 5% of the total research papers. Moreover, developed reliability algorithms and protocols so far only consider enhancing the reliability at a certain level or layer while ignoring the global and cross layer effect on each other. In this project, we are proposing a cross-layer reliability framework for WSN to enhance the reliability of such networks for mission critical applications such as Oil and Gas industry.


The main theme of this project is to develop a cross-layer Wireless Sensor Network framework based on the reliability requirements of oil and gas industry. Nevertheless, the developed framework can be used in other mission critical applications as well. To test the performance of the theoretical work, a real WSN employing the suggested framework will be deployed in a specialized oil and gas facility to test the correctness and the performance of such implementation.


A proof-of-concept deployment and optimization of developed cross-layer reliable Wireless Sensor Network solution in an oil and gas facility.