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Wireless Neonatal Care


Cyber Physical Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Networking, Cloud Computing, Healthcare, Activity Recognition, Context Aware Computing

Funding Agency:

Higher Education Commission, Pakistan


Pak Rupees 2.7 million (USD 27,000)


An infant placed in neonatal care is connected to a plethora of monitoring devices. Vital parameters (Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Blood Pressure) are obtained with adhesive sensors on the fragile skin with individual wires running to external monitors. The sensors and large amount of tangling wires lead to discomfort, skin irritation and interruption in sleep of neonates. This prevents skin contact between the infant and mother which leads to slow development of the neonate. Furthermore, one of the causes of depression in mothers after child birth is that once the child is placed in neonatal care, the mother feels detached from her baby.


This project aims to develop an unobtrusive system that would allow continuous monitoring of the neonate without the need for connecting wires.


A Secure Real-Time Cyber Physical Enabled Wireless Sensor and Cloud Computing Integrated Solution for Neonatal Monitoring.